I hereby welcome myself to WordPress.com!

Welcome, Self!

The purpose of this blog is to practice my wordpress skills, while commenting, occasionally, on goings-on at The Automatic Earth (TAE) — http://theautomaticearth.org — a strange little economics/big-picture blog that gets some things right and some things wrong, with a commentariat (stable of comment-makers) that gets even more things wrong.  In that respect, not unlike all of us tragic characters.  But I shan’t comment on everything I find wrong;  no time for that.  Just a few things that strike me, especially matters monetary and economic. The rubbish that one can find on TAE with respect to investments and precious metals  is, for me, big-inner-groan-inducing, and perhaps the major impetus to this little blog.  I will get around to a more-detailed intro, perhaps, on the “About” page, sooner or later.

In any case, Welcome All  (apart from self)!